Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey Family!

I have no idea where to even start because I don't even know what has happened in the last week.

One minute I was saying goodbye to Sister Sia (so hard!) and the next I was on a jeepney with Sister Cestona and all our luggage headed to Malolos and ever since I got off the jeepney has been a complete and total blur haha I have never been so mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually EXHAUSTED but I love it!

So I am now in Malolos, Bulacan. This area is SO difference from my last two. It actually reminds me a lot of Logan. It is what they call province or country. There is fresh air!! So much green and life is just quieter but you can also easily get to city just like downtown Logan. The Tagalog is blowing my mind here. It is SO deep! Which just means they are speaking pure Tagalog without all the Taglish mixed in. There are also a lot of words you can say in Tagalog a lot of ways some of them are deeper and older Tagalog and that is what they are using here haha I LOVE it!

My new companion Sister Ayub is fantastic! We have already had so much fun with each other and I can't wait to spend the next 6 weeks with her. Like I told you before she is from Pakistan and we are actually batch, meaning we entered the mission the same transfer, which is super fun. At this point Sister Ayub knows broken English and little to no Tagalog. That hasn't already made for a lot of adventures haha and lots of patience from both of us. I have been so impressed with her these last few days and her improvement in the language. She wants to learn it so bad and has finally started to speak as much as she can in the lessons and studying diligently. I am so impressed with her and excited to see her just continue to get better. One struggle with her not being able to understand much of what is going on around her is that she doesn't remember who anyone they have been teaching here are and where they as of now we are basically on open area mode and just going from one adventure to another. I feel so blessed that we have been assigned to the Malolos 1st Ward. They have been incredible in working with us and have completely inspired me to be a better missionary. I have never seen such and organized and excited ward to help the missionary work progress. As of now our teaching pool is literally at zero so we just keep telling each other we can only go up from here! As we have fasted and prayed together we have already begun to see miracles and can't wait to see more of what the Lord has in-store for this area. 

These last few days have had been praying and relying on my Heavenly Father more than at any point in my life. I am just so humbled to see how He prepares us perfectly for the tasks He will ask of us and I am just so grateful for the comfort and answers that come through seeking Him. I am amazed by the miracles that come as we rely on our Savior when we don't have the strength, patience or love necessary for the task. I know this work is HIS work and I am just so grateful to be a part of it here in Malolos!

I love you all so much!!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:
Most people have the babies sleep in little homemade hammocks. I think it is seriously the coolest thing. Some of them are made out of woven rope but a lot or just made out of sheets they tie to the windows or whatever else works inside the house. I attached a picture of the cutest baby in one at Sister Laude (a less-active women or returned to church) house.
Baby Helaman (they are members haha) in the hammock.

Ninoy's Baptism

 Sister Sia and I :)

Our Christmas fireplace...missionary in the Philippines style.

Reading the Christmas Story together on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning. Sister Sia surprised me with matching shirts!

YSA of Malanday Ward!!

Sister Sia and I sneaking a picture when no one was around.

Cooking our Christmas Ham hahahahah

Matching shirts!

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