Monday, December 23, 2013

Lagi may maraming himala sa gawain ng Diyos

Magandang araw!!

Well as always it was another great week. As far as work went this week was a little rough because we spent most of our time in meetings but they were amazing as always so we aren't complaining. 

On Thursday we had Zone Conference all day about 2 hours away in Camarin and the next day we were supposed to come back for Follow-Up Training Meeting so to make things easier we just spent the night there...which means I got to go back to Rainbow House and Deparo, my first area! It was so weird being back in the apartment and walking the same streets (not to be super dramatic). I just kept thinking about how much has already changed and how much I have changed in not that much time. One things for sure is missions are full of change on so many different levels. 

Lately I have been feeling a bit discouraged about my work as a missionary and what my role is in the Malanday 2 area. I have gotten comfortable now with the language, the lessons and just being a missionary so it is easy to kind of feel settled and I started worried that I wasn't progressing as I should and helping this area to do the same. As we went to church on Sunday those were my thoughts and then no one that promised they would come to church came, including Ninoy who ALWAYS comes and is supposed to be getting baptized in 2 weeks. I just started giving all thoughts and feeling to my Heavenly Father and seeking help, comfort and guidance. It was the primary program (which the Philippines takes to a whole other level haha) and it was all centered on "I Am A Child of God". I loved it but was still feeling pretty discouraged. I just started trying to have the best attitude I could and recognize all the good that was happening. I remembered the people who were already there I hadn't expected like the Corpin, Dugo and Franscisco family. I started to feel and peace and then as we were standing to sing the rest hymn I turned around to see old Sister Laude walking in the door. This is a stubborn older less-active women who I NEVER expected to see attend church. I was completely overwhelmed. I don't think I have ever smiled that big and tears were definitely shed. As soon as sacrament was over I booked it over to her and just hugged her and she cried as well. She just said to me looking around that she has missed this church. God is so good! And then he showed us another miracle. During Relief Society I looked over to see Sister Pernia walk into the room a less-active women who has been returning to church but who's husband is not a member but has a baptismal date and who's children are all very less-active. We have been doing everything we can to get them to church and nothing was working and so many promises to come. I looked over to her and she just smiled with tears and said, "Nandito kami lahat" meaning "We are all  hear". Sister Sia and I booked it outside and sure enough their ENTIRE family was there. That is a miracle I will never forget. 

Our Heavenly Father truly is so aware of us, each and EVERY one of us. His plan is so perfect and I am continually overwhelmed by that fact. I am continually being taught to trust in His plan before my own because His is ALWAYS far better than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful for the time He has given me as His missionary.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your love support and examples. We have been using the Work of Salvation videos a lot in our work lately and I absolutely love them. I would encourage everyone to go watch them with their families. The Lord truly is hastening His work and it is so exciting to be a part of it, all of us are!

Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:
Copyright does not exist in the Philippines...or if it does EVERYONE ignores it. You can buy (not that I do) Nike, North Face, Channel and anything you could possibly want off the streets. That is just an example. Everything you see is probably illegally copied including pictures from the LDS picture library blown-up and used on other churches. Haha its great.

Sorry I know this is awful quality but this is the Pernia family at church all together for the first time in I don't know how long. Samson (7-years-old) is missing from this picture because he would dive out of the picture every time we tried to take it. 

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