Monday, July 14, 2014

Ang init!

Kumust na ang pamilya ko??? Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga sulat nyo sa akin para sa birthday ko. Ang swerte ko.

I swear I just sit down to write my email every week and just think...where do I start and I just I fit everything we saw and experience into words let alone a quick email...basta...LIFE IS GOOD.

We had our last exchanges of the transfer which was exciting. I got to work with Sister Mole. She is hilarious and it was so fun to get to know her better. Exchanges has definitely been my favorite part of this calling. 

We had Mission Leadership Council, which is always a really neat experience and opportunity. We get to discussion the mission and how we can all improve and change. I get to interact with so many incredible people on the daily. We also got to hear workshops from President and Sister Sperry...they are amazing.

Transfers happened...SISTER LOO AND I ARE STILL TOGETHER!!! We couldn't be happier about that.

The Pagunsan family is on fire. They haven't missed a Sunday yet and they aren't going anywhere. In one of the lessons the father, Brother Butch, said, "We used to hide from the missionaries and now we are the ones waiting for them." I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and it was the best Word of Wisdom lesson yet. It ended up a discussion with different members there sharing their experiences and our investigators answering their own questions as they went. One of Brother Butch's friends who was there was teasing him that he would have to give up his drinking and Butch just looked at him completely serious and said, "No problem," while doing a thumbs up. We went back on Sunday night to follow-up and they are doing great! They said they drink this gross heated up drink with ginger in it to make up for the coffee. They said that was an adjustment but they will get used to it. Then Brother Butch said that all of his friends have come over a few times to with alcohol ready to drink. He said he entertains them but while they are all drinking he just drinks his orange juice... We were smiling from ear to ear and on cloud nine at that point. I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! I am so grateful I have been blessed with the opportunity to interact with them. 

So a follow-up with Sister Connie (the active and incredible sister I told you about a few weeks ago). We haven't been able to teach her husband Cesar again since that first incredible/powerful lesson. He keeps hiding which is so frustrating. At one point we went back to just say hi after sharing with his family and he started running so we starting chasing him. It was hilarious chasing this full grown man. We come around the corner and he is on the ground hiding behind an animal pen. He came out and we all started laughing, including him. He is the sweetest man I think he is just scared and too proud to give in, feeling like he should be the one leading his wife and daughters, instead of the other way around. We had a fast with his children and Sister Connie this Sunday and we know miracles are on the way. I came up to Sister Connie after church and she just grabbed my arm and said the kids stopped their fast a little early (totally normal) but she said, "I just can't, its too important. I need a miracle." She just keeps telling us how badly she wants a priesthood holder in her home and its going to happen! I am excited to see what the Lord has in-store. 

Yesterday Sister Loo and I gave a workshop in Zone Training on "Raising the Bar". It was so much fun and a really special experience. I love preparing for workshops with her. I feel like we always end up learning way more out of the whole process than anyone else. We gave a few ways we felt like we could all "raise the bar" and ending with remembering the ultimate reason we are all here and that is to "invite others to come unto Christ." We gave everyone time to reflect on how they have come unto Him throughout their mission and then how they felt and what they saw as they invited others to do so. It was just a powerful experience. We are so lucky to all be a part of this work!! I relationship with my Savior has grown about 200% on my mission and the most exciting part is I will be able to continue to come unto Him throughout the remainder of my life until the day I return to Him and my Father in Heaven. It is so exciting! I know He lives. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer and it is through Christ that we live, overcome our weaknesses and find every peace and happiness.

Mahal ko kayong lahat!! Mag-ingat kayo palagi!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:

I don't know if I have said this or not so I am just going to say it and sorry if it is a repeat.... It is completely acceptable to tell someone they are fat, have to many pimples, don't look good or basically anything you want to say about someones appearance. It is the funniest thing. It definitely took some adjusting to but people really just say it like it is here. I have definitely grown thick skin and just laugh when people say I'm a giant or I'm getting fat or whatever else they want to through out there :) The funny thing is sometimes in the same day I will have someone tell me I'm getting bigger and the next appointment they say I'm getting skinny.

Connie, Cesar and their family. We gave their youngest, Mae Sunshine, a birthday celebration because they don't have anything.  She was so excited :)

Our workshop

 Our zone after Zone Training

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