Monday, July 14, 2014

Ito ang gawain ng ating Diyos

Transfers were great. The fact that this is my last transfer didn't feel real to me at first. It just seemed like any other until I sat down to study that first day and for whatever reason it hit me like a wall of water. I can't belive I will be taking off my nametag. Leavning these people. I won't be going into houses everyday teaching and testifying. But I will see my family. I will be going to school. And I will find a way to still serve, just with a new calling, and another country aka America. Its scray, sad, exciting... its the weirdest blend of emotions and feels like I am kind of in limbo. However, most of the time I just completly push it out of my mind and go about work as usual and its better than ever :)  

Of course it was hard to say goodbye to Sister Loo, but I have absolutely loved getting to know and work with Sister Benesch. She is from Farmington, Utah and so much fun. I'm excited for what she will bring to the area. Speaking of our area... its doing great :) Last night, like I always do with my companions, I asked Sister Benesch what her miracle was that day. She thought for a minute and said, "I think everything today. This area is a miracle area." AMEN! It has been so humbling to see the change and progress here over the past two transfers and now moving into the third. The entire feeling of the ward, the work and everything is different.

This week I have been struck more then ever with the fact that this work is hastening. It is so exciting to be a part of it at this time. How did I get so lucky? It seems that miracle after miracle unfolds and we are just simply His hands in finding those He is already preparing. People are just coming out of the woodwork through the members, our own efforts and other individuals literally coming to the church on their own, seeking to be taught. Something that Elder Christensen of the Seventy shared at mission tour hasn't left my mind. He said, "This work is hastening on both sides of the veil." Its so true! You can see it, and you can feel! There is just and an energy like I haven't ever felt before. It just gets me excited everytime I think about it.

The biggest example of this that we've seen lately is Brother Rodel Gabieta. I told you about him a few weeks ago. He is a single dad (his wife is working abroad) and he is desperately seeking the truth. Each time we visit this man I am just filled with awe. If there was ever a golden investigator it would be him. I told you last time that he had searched out the church on his own going from chapel to chapel until he found the right one for the area he lives in. He is reading the Book of Mormon daily, praying and attending church as often as he can. Him and his children have all accepted baptismal dates, and just want to do what they can to be prepared. He asked us, "How will I know if I am worthy?" It was so incredible to see his sincerity and desire as we answered his questions. He wants to know everything and is so worried he doesn't know enough. You could see relief and joy wash over him as we told him he doesn't have to know and understand every page of the Book of Mormon or the gospel now, but that the very purpose of this life is to learn and progress step by step. He is just so excited about the gospel! Everytime he shares an experience that has gotten him to this point it is blantly obvious that greater forces than us are at work, and we are not alone in teaching and serving him. He shared with us that so much has already changed for him as he attends church and reads the Book of Mormon. My favorite was when he started explaining that he has begun to quit smoking. Keep in mind that we have only taught him twice and we haven't even finished the Restoration yet. He has no idea what the Word of Wisdom is. He said that while he watched the members at church he noticed that no one was smoking and he just felt it was something he needed to do :) We will be finishing the Restoration and teaching the Word of Wisdom next time. We introduced it and he was so excited!

Over and over again I have been amazed by our Father's plan. Its perfect. I am also amazed by His love for us, it is tangible. He hears and answers all our concerns and even the simplest of prayers-- something I have witness so much lately. This is His work and I am so greatful for the opportunity to represent Him and my Savior in it. 

President and Sister Sperry leave this week. It is a bit heartbreaking to say goodbye to them. I have learned so much for all they do. But I will see them again in Utah! I am so excited to get to know President and Sister Burtin and see all they have to bring to the mission. It is all around an exciting time here in the Philippines :) I couldn't be happier!

I love you all and pray for you daily.

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:

People eat with their hands here... a lot. Its so much easier when you've just got your ulam (anything you eat on rice) and your rice to just scoop it all up. There really is an art to it and they do it all neat and fancy so it isn't even messy :) If they aren't using their hands they use a spoon and fork together, ALWAYS. It is the greatest and I don't know if I can ever go back to just my spoon or a fork alone.

Last days with Sister Loo. We got new cool shoes.

Sister Ayub is in the Missionary Recovery Center working through some things and we got to go visit her :) I love her so much!

 I am now in a house of ALL Americans and one about culture shock. I have hardly spent anytime around Americans on my mission and now I'm surrounded. Its way weird but we have a blast!

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