Monday, July 14, 2014

Hastening the Work

Okay lets be honest my concentration level on this email right now is about at a one because I just found out about Brenna's mission call. I can't believe she is headed to Paraguay...SO EXCITED!! The work is on fire right now and I can't wait for her to be a part of it. Paraguay isn't going to know what hit them. 

Sister Loo and I have been all over this week and when we say all over we really mean it...we visited every single one of the zones and sisters we are over. By the time we got home on Saturday we were wiped. We had an emergency exchange to help some sisters who were struggling which was exhausting and really neat experience. We worked a lot President to try and sort it all out, plus had zone interviews and he visited our ward on Sunday so it was great to see him and Sister Sperry so much. I can't belive they finish their mission in just a few week. I have learned so much from their examples and teachings. President was supposed to come with us to teach Brother Cesar that I've told you about in the past but it didn't end up going through because his wife didn't think he would be home but we are going to see if we can reschedule in the next few weeks. 

Our area is still doing so great with the little time we get to spend in it. We still can't get over our Sundays in Pangarap. The miracles never seem to cease. We have new people at church every week, so it is always an adventure to see who walks through the door. The whole ward is so excited about the Pagunsan family's baptism next week. We are having an activity to clean the church this Saturday as their service project with their different fellowshippers in the ward...which is most everyone. We were able to visit Rio, the less-active sister we found, again and it was such a special lesson. We felt like we just weren't teaching to her needs and something was missing in the lesson so we both started praying as we were teaching and all the sudden she just opened up. She started crying and shared with us how she felt coming back to church and seeing families all together and remembering when that was her family and now they all separated and unhappy and her mother recently passed away. It was so neat to see her be filled with hope of the idea for creating that happiness for her kids now. We taught a neat lesson with the Restauro family which was also really focused on his needs, which took the lesson in a totally different direction then we were expecting. We ended up teaching the father (the only non-member) about the priesthood. It was a really special lesson and his only son was able to share with his dad what it would mean for him if his dad could take his place as head of the home as a worthy priesthood holder. Brother Restauro was very touched and we are excited to see him prepare for baptism. 

My mission has given me such an appreciation for families as well as the  blessing of the priesthood within a home and family. I have both seen and felt the difference in homes we enter with a worthy priesthood holder at the head. I am so grateful for the difference different worthy priesthood holders have made in my life and will forever honor and respect the priesthood they hold and exercise. I am so grateful for my Savior in whose name they act and no that without Him we would not have access to that hope and power. I love you all!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:

Since it is so hot here and everyone want to be white mostly the women but also men always carry a bottle of baby powder with them that they apply regularly throughout the day. They rub it into their face, arms and neck and then pour it down their back. They also have a fear of sweating because they believe it makes you sick so they or constantly wiping their sweat with handkerchiefs and mothers stick towels down their kids backs and hang them through their shirts. Its way hard to explain but I will try and send you a picture some time :)

Headed out on exchanges...sanay na kami.

This little boy climbed out on his roof and put on a show for us with singing and dancing :)

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