Sunday, August 4, 2013

Best Week Yet

This week goes down as one of my very favorites in the mission so far. It was incredible. I can't even explain to you the difference focusing on charity made in the work. Sister Yagemai and I had a blast and somehow taught more lessons each day then ever before. The language totally flowed. So many people promised to attend church this week and didn't show, which is always the case but this week I REALLY thought they were going to be there. However, this Sunday was still incredible. Our new bishop is amazing and so inspired.  I just feel like the Deparo Ward is getting ready to soar. The members are becoming more involved and the meeting on Sunday are becoming much more reverent. We also had many members attend the Worldwide Leadership Training and hope that they were as inspired by it as we were. I can't wait to see this ward and the wonderful people in it continue to progress. We also got up enough courage to tract among the middle class We were painfully rejected but I have no doubt we'll knock on the right door soon :) We've been challenged to not just teach among the poor because they are easier to find and less intimidating, let me tell you the middle class is totally intimidating--- they have huge gates gates surrounding their huge houses haha.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! Thinking about it makes me totally homesick. Fireworks, family, hot dogs & burgers, POTATO SALAD & CHIPS, parades and celebrating America BUT I have been thinking about it and how blessed we truly are to live in America. I just can't believe that out of all the places in the world I got to grow up in America WITH a knowledge of the gospel in a happy and safe home. WE ARE SO BLESSED!! One of the things I have realized I take for granted is how much hope we have. We get to dream big! And more often then not those dreams become a reality. Ah, I love America. Put your hand over your heart for me will ya :) but I'm also so excited to be here. I love the Philippines!

Love you all. You inspire me.

Mahal ko kayo!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Sister Yagemai is a braiding wizard and did all of our hair for church :)

 The Camarin Zone bowling for P-day. Do you love our zone t-shirts? That was the first time Sister Criste and I think some of the other Philipino missionaries had ever been bowling and she ended up killing us ha

 Sister Yagemai just being great.

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