Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Month In!!

Hello, hello!

Well I have officially been here for a month. I can't really wrap my mind around it. Time is flying! The most frustrating thing is still not being able to speak the language, but it will come. I can only imagine how fast the time will fly when I am really understanding and speaking Tagalog.

It has been raining lots here, of course. So at home when it rains the worms come out right? Well in the Philippines when it rains the FROGS come out EVERYWHERE. Its the craziest thing. When we are walking home in the dark at night the ground will just be hopping. In the morning there will be squished frogs on the road everywhere...super gross but true.

So this is my third time trying to email because the power keeps going out, pretty much just a normal day here. Last night it went out as we were getting ready for bed for the night and we were just hoping it would come back on so we could have a fan to sleep with and not die of heat. Well then the power came back on so we went to bed happy as a clam. As we were going to sleep we heard something in the room. I thought maybe it was a mouse or something. Then Sister Yagemai's fan kept moving (just because its small and kept slidding backwards on the ground because the motor in it vibrates). Well we were joking that something had made the noise and moved the fan because there are stories among the sisters that our house is haunted. Well I fell fast asleep but Sister Yagemai was totally freaked out and woke me up and asked if we could go sleep in the other sisters room. So we dragged our little matresses and fans in there and went to sleep. It was pretty funny but I really think I did a bad job of telling the story haha but just trust it was funny.

The work is going great. We are keeping VERY busy. Our most exciting thing was a less-active sister who we have been working with since week one to attend church and she finally came this week! It was so exciting. She is so tiny and has bad knees so its hard for her to get there but she was all smiles and the members were so kind to her. I hope she keeps it up :)

We just got done with dinner at the Floyds (the senior missionaries in our mission). It was so wonderful and felt like a little bit of home. We had pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans AND POTATO SALAD AND CHIPS!!! It was the best and I felt like I was right at home at either one of my grandma's houses. Of course I had about 5 servings of potato salad :)

I love you all so much!

Love always,
Sister Porter

I look like a beast in these pictures but what's new here haha 
The other sisters bought us pizza one night and the sauce packet I was trying to open exploded ALL over the room

  The American Feast!!!

 Dinner with the Floyds


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