Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crazy People, Dogs and as always lots of Pananampalataya

Madandang tanghali pamilya!!

This has of course been another great week.  I just don't know what I did to have two such incredible companions right in a row--I must have really needed some straightening out:) I am just learning so much Sister Walker and 6 weeks is going way too fast.  This week I have just been filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this work--something that Sister Walker is constantly teaching me through her example and by always noticing the tender mercies of the Lord everyday (Sister Bird I have a hunch that comes from having you as a trainer haha).  As I was sitting in the temple yesterday I was just overwhelmed by the love Heavenly Father has for each of us.  His plan is so perfect and beautiful.  I can't relieve al the experiences, answers to prayer and blessings He gives me everyday.  Preach My Gospel (pg. 10-11, A Successful Missionary  says, "You should not become discouraged...discouragement will weaken your faith."  I am learning how true that is.  We have no reason to be discouraged if we are doing our very best.  It goes on to say, "YOu can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the SPirit of this work.  We are so lucky!  When we put our trust and faith in HIm all things are possible (Moroni 7:33/Ether 12:6). 

This week we were punted (meaning we had an appointment and it fell through for one reason or another) A LOT but we both feel that our work has been so much more effective. We are getting punted but that is because we have decided we don't want to take the easy way out and continually go back to the same houses that we know will always let us in. We are trying to grow and strengthen our teaching pool and hopefully find some investigators who are ready and prepared by the Lord. Each time we are punted I just have to laugh a little to myself because it seems like Heavenly Father is trying to keep me humble and remind me that this is HIS work and it is all done in HIS timing.

Sister Walker and I are having a BLAST!! I seriously don't know how I got so lucky. This week we had just finished our personal study when we got a call from President. He was asking for directions to our house because he and Sister Sperry were on their way to have companionship study with us. AHHHHH. That does NOT happen everyday haha good thing we are obedient and all I had to do was comb my hair a bit to look presentable. It ended up being so fun. I love President and Sister Sperry so much and I feel so blessed to serve under them. President told the APs after that he would like us two to be the next APs haha oh gosh! Then a few days later we had district meeting and I mentioned before that the mission office is in our zone. So after district meeting we stopped by the mission office to get something and then President came on over and ate lunch with us at McDonalds haha that definitely does NOT happen everyday haha it was fun to just talk and laugh for a bit with missionaries and see President outside of meetings. 

Funny moment of the week (it's impossible to pick one): Sister Walker and I have been teaching this less-active/part-member family and they have a HUGE husky (which is completely unusual for the Philippines because it is so hot) named Dubi. Well every time we go the dog is crazy and jumps on us and he is so big no one can control him, anyways, this time Dubi was especially hyper. We walked in and he just went crazy and jumped up on me and somehow got his paw stuck in my skirt and as they tried to pull him off my skirt came off with him...embarrassing. Luckily I got it pulled up really quick and there were no men around... tender mercy? haha Well then we finally get inside the house and he follows us in and this time decides to pick on Sister Walker. He just starts chewing on her bum and no one is doing anything about it and I am laughing too hard to help her. Well anyways, eventually we got it all under-control and a lessons was taught :) We have fun. I just have to add one more... We were just walking down the sidewalk on our way to our next appointment when all the sudden a man just comes running towards us holding a paintbursh and starts rambling off to us in English. He was talking about ALL kinds of crazy things and Sister Walker kept misunderstanding him haha at one point he was asking if were single but Sister Walker thought he was asking if we had seen Jesus and started trying to respond to that. Then he started explaining to us what he was painting on these stairs in front of a tindahan (little stores everywhere here that sell snacks) that was not his. It was all about "divine laws" and had random crazy equations. He just kept on talking and we just slowly started walking away. Oh the Philippines!

Well this ended up being a very long email but I love and miss you all crazy! You are always in my prayers. Salamat talaga para sa inyong mabuting halimbawa sa akin. Namimiss ko kayo lahat. Paki-tuloy pagiging astig at steadfast kay Jesucristo. Mahal na mahal ko kayo!

Love always,
Sister Porter

  Just living and loving it with Sister Walker

 We had FHE with one of my very favorite families (the Pramosos) who was less-active and is now preparing to enter the temple!! They let us wash the dishes after dinner which NEVER happens so we were excited... they thought it was hilarious and started taking pictures and filming us because I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.

Baby Anthony he is SO cute and the youngest of the Pramoso family


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