Sunday, August 11, 2013

Till I die, I will not remove mine integrity


Siempre, I love and miss you all like crazy. It has been another great week. This transfer is absolutely flying!

Here of some highlights of our week:
- Trying to be exactly obedient Sister Walker and I went tracking among the middle class. After being rejected over and over again we were walking down a random street trying to decided where to try next when I saw this women through some bushes, behind her gate just smiling at us. I decided to go over to her and ask if we could ask her a question and just got talking with her. She got all excited and just took us across the street to her friends house to share with her and her daughter. It didn't end up being a very effective lesson but they were all so nice just SUPER talkative. As we were on our way out she said she wanted to take us to her daughters house so we decided to go with her, meet her and maybe set a return appointment. Well we got there and the sister we found had been SO prepared by the Lord. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly in a lesson or been so guided. The gift of tongues is so real! I don't know what will happen as we go back and teach her but I am grateful Heavenly Father's hand in our work that whole day and that even if we just planted a seed we got to be a part of it.
- This week was stake conference so our church attendance was WAY down because the stake center is pretty far. But the Pramoso family came and they are SO excited to prepare for the temple. Also, Maricel Pedral who I told you about last week came despite having every reason not to--- no money and difficulty walking--- AND her less-active mom, Merly, came. She is the sassiest lady who I love so much and I completely freaked out when I saw her walk in. She has been teasing us for 3 months that someday she would surprise us and come to church, unwilling to actually commit to come. Heavenly Father is so amazing! And they were both able to meet the bishop and had a great experience. 
- Also, I ate dugo (blood) this week......luckily it was at the Pramoso's house so they weren't offended at all if I just had a tiny bit. They just prepare it with vegetables and of course eat it with rice. It actually was good you just have to get over the fact that its blood and most likely horrible for you health. Don't worry I only had like two bites so I should be fine right? Haha hopefully I don't come home a mutant. This week I'm planning on finally eating balut....I'll let you know how that goes.
- So you know how in America if you are sitting next to someone and pat them on the leg it means like "Good job." or "I love you." So, I was sitting next to Sister Plame, she is a Filipina, on the jeepney and I just patted her on the leg... well, she turned to me with the craziest look and her fits up like ready to fight me. Haha she did not understand the gesture and I'm not sure what she thought was going on but we got a good laugh out of it after I explained it to her.

Well this work is amazing and there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I still get homesick and frustrated with the language sometimes but nothing compares to the feeling that comes when you see those you are teaching coming closer to Christ. It makes it all worth it. I just feel so humbled by all that God is able to accomplish in this work despite all of our weaknesses and imperfections. I was studying about hope this past week and found Job 27:5-6 that reads, "5 ...till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me. 6 My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go: my heart shall not reproach me so long as live." I am just so inspired by the conviction of Job that despite every trial he faced he knew that above all he had his integrity, righteousness and knowledge of his Savior. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the same knowledge Job had and that I get to share it in the Philippines. I just hope that I remember and live all that I preach and testify of daily. I want to always remember my Savior and covenants, repent and progress daily and maintain a "perfect brightness of hope" that can only come through Him.

MAHAL KO KAYO!!!!!!!!!!!

Love always,
Sister Porter

1- This is our friend 'taba (fat). He lives in our house (actually I think he is more likethey. I'm pretty sure there are at least 3 of them). We have tried getting rid of them but they always come back.
2- 'Taba
3- These are my new kabahay. Sister Criste (far left) is now training Sister Plame (far right). They are great and I just feel like a giant 24/7 :)

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