Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ikaw talaga.

Dear Family,

This week definitely started out a little rocky. We couldn't seem to get into houses that we are usually welcomed into with open arms. We were just feeling more than a bit unwanted ha but our Saturday made everything worth it. We saw so many miracles and answered prayers. We had two especially special lessons. 

Our first was teaching Sister Gaudaliza. She is living with her less-active aunt and we have been trying to teach her for weeks. She has NOT been interested, but we kept smiling talking to her and hoping she would let us teach her. On Saturday we decided to stop by one more time before a meeting. She told us her aunt wasn't home and we were prepared to tell us to just come back another day, but suddenly she opened the door and said come in. Ha it took us a minute to react because we were so surprised. She is so awesome and has totally changed. Before she was cold and evasive, this time she was all smiles, laughing and all around happy. As we began teaching we explained that we know how important this message is and that it will bless the lives of the people and families we teach and that we why we are willing to leave our own for 18 months. She began tearing up, rubbed her arms and said, "That makes me feel good." The lesson was great and we can't wait to go back. As we were leaving see said, "Wow, its surprising that it feels so good to be with you." [That was super awkward to translate but hopefully you understand.] 

Later that night we went back to teach Merilen Salamat, one of the two teenagers that came to church last week. This was one of my favorite lessons of my entire mission. I can't even explain to you the change we have seen in this sister. It is amazing. This night we decided to reteach her lesson one because it has been awhile since she was taught it. She was just loving it, all smiles and caught on every word. At the end we just began to talk a bit and she just suddenly spilled her heart to us. She said that the missionaries have been coming here for over a year and it never really meant anything to her. She didn't used to care if she missed the lessons and she just wanted to debate with them. She said now its all different. She said I get so excited when I know you are coming and I can't stay away from the lessons even if I wanted to. She said she will keep coming to church every Sunday. We explained that she needs to find the truth for her self and that the Book of Mormon and her prayers are the way to do that. She said she wants to and will and is just so excited about everything! We felt impressed to bring up a baptismal date again, something we had done in the past before we dropped them and she had argued and said she was already baptized at the Catholic church and happy where she was and so was her family. This time was different. She took it very seriously and said, "That is something that I am willing to do when I find the truth for myself. It is something I want to do for myself, not for you or my family." Ah she is seriously so amazing and I love her so much. We are just praying that her family will get on board. The problem is her parents live in a different area so we are trying to coordinate with the elders to begin teaching them.

This gospel really does change lives. It is the reason for living. I read a quote the other day from President Uchtdorf that reads, "In the end, happiness does not spring from perfection but from applying divine principles, even in small steps." It is so excited to know that as we do our best to be obedient each day and follow His plan for us we can change and grow. I am so grateful for the opportunity to overcome weaknesses and further develop strengths together with my companion. It is also equally exciting to help others do the same each day. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Facts:

Filipinos LOVE their game shows and apparently a new one came out called "You Are My Foriegnoy/nay". Its a show were foreigners who have been living here compete by speaking Tagalog and doing some sort of Filipino talent. Well I can't even tell you how many times a day I get yelled at, "Hey! You are my forienay" or get told that I should join it because most of the people can hardly speak Tagalog haha maybe after the mission :)

Also a fun fact, in the past few weeks I have eaten horse (that felt like eating my best friend) and chicken lungs and heart. Next on the menu according to the members here is dog. I'll let you know how it goes.

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