Sunday, April 27, 2014

Makikita mo ang mga pagpapala...

This week was insane. We were SO BUSY but it was also one of the greatest weeks. We had exchanges, meetings, temple day and general conference so we didn't have a lot of time in our own area which is always tough. However, we definitely still saw a lot of miracles and learned so much.

This week we went to Camarin Zone and did exchanges with the incredible sisters there. The first day I was with Sister Apolinario. Not going to lie, I was way nervous to go out with her. We are batch which is intimidating and she just has a way intense personality I guess but we had an absolute BLAST. We were laughing so hard and I learn a ton from her. The next day I worked with Sister Jenkins (we were together in Valenzuela when she was in her training). It was fun to see how much she has grown and learn from her as well. That day was probably my favorite on exchanges so far. I just had the goal to give it everything I had and just focus on her. It was amazing. We saw so many miracles. My favorite was our first lesson. Sister Jenkins felt like we should stop by to say hi to a less-active sister so I followed her lead. When we got there it didn't seem like anyone was home so we yelled "Tao po." a few more times and as we were about to leave the sister finally came out. She invited us in so we decided to just try and teach. I heard her talking to someone in the back room and then a girl about my age came rushing out but wouldn't really make eye contact with us. We of course invited her to the lesson and began trying to get to know her. She was really quiet and shy-- just keep looking down at her lap while her aunt (the less-active sister) answered all our questions. We found out that Krisa had been abandoned by her mom when she was ten and was currently living with and working for her aunt far from her home in Bicol. As we started the lesson we were sharing about Christ and how through Him we can overcome concerns and trials. Suddenly Krisa looked up and just started talking. It was incredible. She explained that before she had never thought there could be a Jesus because life was too hard. She said that one day she asked her aunt what she should do about it and her aunt told her to come to church with her. So she did. She said that the moment she walked into one of our churches she knew there was a Christ. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. She said that she went for the next 3 weeks and asked the missionaries to come visit her. She said that everyday she waited for the missionaries to come but they never did until we showed up. She said that when her aunt came in to the back room and said said the missionaries are here she was too excited to even comb her hair and just came running out. I am in love with this 19-year old sister. Sister Jenkins extended her a baptismal date which she readily excepted and said, "I'm ready to change." My testimony has grown even more that people everyday are prepared and waiting. It reminds me of conference when President Eyring said, "You hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can possibly imagine." I pray that we can all continue to be worthy and prepared instruments in the Lord's hands. I know that miracles are happening and even more are waiting just around the corner. This work is exciting and inspiring and we are all a part of it! 

I had so much more to say about confernece but time is short and my email is already long...but wasn't it amazing?! 

I love you all!!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:

I was so excited to hear Elder Teh's talk because he just got released from the area presidency here. It was fun to see everyone in the meeting sit up a little taller when he came on the screen haha. Everything he described about the Filipino people is perfect. I especially loved when he said they have "an abundance of spiritual strength and lack of materiel things." The people here inspire me. They live in the most difficult circumstance. I cannot believe or adequately describe some of the places I have taught in that that those individuals call home. We are so blessed for all that we have been given and I hope to never lose that perspective. 

 Zone Conference

Sister Sia (my trainee) with her trainee (Sister Pau)!!

Loving life

 Exchanges with Sister Apolinario and Sister Jenkins

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