Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Siya nawa

Hellooooooo Family.

This was a great week. My mind is sort of blown. Lots of crazy growing experiences.

On Tuesday at district meeting one of the elders came up to me and asked if President called me. I was like, "No....why?" I have been planning on going home two weeks early for school as well as this elder and he said President asked him to go home a transfer early in order to accommodate the new mission president in July. When I heard that my heart dropped. I'm not ready to go home! If I was asked to go home a transfer early that would mean I only have 6 months left...WHAT. That would day I was super overwhelmed. Before going out to work I just prayed for peace and an assurance that whenever I was asked to come home I would be prepared and just focus on the time I have now to learn, grow and teach. I went out that day to work and just wanted to talk to everyone I saw haha and use every minute. The next day at zone conference (which was of my very favorites so far!) I got the chance to talk with President. He told me that instead he would send me home in the middle of the transfer on August 14 with none other than...SISTER of my companions in the MTC who I flew to the Philippines with. I couldn't have gotten better new. Heavenly Father is so aware of each and everyone of my children. I know it. I've felt it and I see it EVERYDAY in this work. 

On a funny note. I have lost my voice the last few days. Considering that Sister Ayub still can't speak Tagalog it has made lessons very interesting haha but maybe this is just Heavenly Father telling me to be quite and giving Sister Ayub the opportunity to push herself even more.

Sister Ayub and I had a good week. However, It seems that no matter how hard we work and pray we can not get the people-- investigators and less-actives-- to attend church. That has been frustrating but we did see a few miracles this week with individuals attending church. Sister Evelyn the sister who attended church after I smiled at her has now come 3 weeks in a row. We are so excited for her! Now if we could just start teaching her non-member family. We found a Book of Mormon her husband has that the missionaries gave him in 1998. It was so cool and one of the first translated copies. He still hasn't read it, but he will soon!

I know I've talked about this before but I am again just so grateful for the Lord's tender mercies. This morning I read "The Lord's Tender Mercies" by Elder Bednar. In the talk he said, "The Lord's tender mercies do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence. Faithfulness, obedience and humility invite tender mercies into our lives, and it is often the Lord's timing that enables us to recognize and treasure these important blessing." Love it! One of my favorite things that my companions and I do each night before falling asleep is each say our miracle for the day. There ALWAYS is one, usually many. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this work and witness and experience His tender mercies.

I love you all!

Love always,
Sister Porter

Filipino Fun Fact:

The traditions at a death are very different here. After someone has died they are prepared for burial and placed in their casket then left at their family's house in the living room or outside for about a week. During that time family members and friends will come and visit from different provinces and cities. There is usually drinking and karaoke involved...basically a must for any gathering in the Philippines. Then on the way to the cemetery the casket is usually pulled in a glass type carriage thing behind a truck (I don't no how to describe it ha google it) but the kicker is music will be blasting from the car carrying the casket. Anytime of music but most times rock n' roll. Also as a side note, just like in America you usually wear black to funerals but you CAN'T wear red. Red is worn for parties, especially birthdays, and would be VERY disrespectful.

Jeepney ride to zone conference. We left super early so everyone was way tired. Also, it was cold, well more of like a little brisk, but I wore a sweater for the first time in a year ha.

This is our view on our morning walks...its breathtaking. Too bad I took it right after the rice was harvested, usually it is a SUPER vibrant green but now its just brown.

Trying to teach yet another one of my companions to do a push-up haha so much fun!

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